6 of Cups & 10 of Wands Weekend Message – Zombie Tarot

Hello darlings,

It is Friday lovelies, and our message from the Zombie Tarot for this weekend comes from the cards Six of Cups and Ten of Wands. The Zombie Tarot gifted us two cards for this weekend. Yay! It might soon be time to do two cards reading a day instead of one. I am not ready for that yet, but soon-ish I will be. 🙂

2017-10-(23-29) - Zombie Tarot (5)
6 of Cups & 10 of Wands – Zombie Tarot

Six of Cups Image: Two kids, a girl in a pink dress and a zombie boy in shorts, hug as old best friends. They seem happy in each other’s company oblivious that one of them is now a zombie.  Ten of Wands Images: A zombie boy is juggling a few bones and body parts. There are a lot of parts and as he tries to keep them all in the air, chances are that he may drop them at any moment.

Six of Cups Keywords: Innocence • Nostalgia • Memories • Old Flames • Karmic Ties ⊕ Ten of Wands Keywords: Burdens • Responsibilities • Struggle • Overload • Weighty Responsibilities

Six of Cups & Ten of Wands Message: This weekend past memories, friends, and old flings might show up in our life. This can be a wonderful experience depending on what we choose to focus on. Are we going to focus on the good times, or on what went wrong? Also we may have a lot of things to take care of this weekend. Will these things and tasks be related to the past, or the here and now? Regardless of the timing this is the end of a cycle. This juggling of many things is soon to come to an end and a new focus can start in our life. This might even mean that we can complete a cycle with an old friend or fling that has caused us a lot of hardships, and finally put it all behind us.

Much love and many blessings,



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