The Fool – Badgers Forest Tarot

Hello there! It’s 2018. I haven’t posted on here since November 2017. It’s been busy, but this month I have some time for myself and I am happy to start blogging again.

I mentioned in my last post that I wanted to think on, and create some of my own interpretations for some of the tarot decks in my collection. In the last post I mentioned that I wanted to do this for my decks by Nakisha VanderHoeven.  I contacted the author, artist, and talented creator of the decks last year, and she graciously gave me permission to post card images write my interpretations of the cards and share them with you all. Please visit her Blue Dog Rose Etsy Shop and see her wonderful creations of art, tarot decks and more.

Today I am starting with The Fool card from the Badgers Forest Tarot. To be honest I am a little nervous because I have never attempted this, especially publicly. But I did start to write my own interpretations of the cards late last year thinking that I will keep it to myself, and then I realized that I actually want to share it with others. I only got as far as the Empress card, but I am looking forward to go through the whole deck, even though I am terrified to put myself out here with these interpretations. It’s going to be slow going perhaps, but I am excited to do as much as I can with my available time. This process could be wordy and lengthy at times too, because that’s sometimes my process. Some cards in tarot, depending on the image, their traditional meaning and my own life experience, give me more to chew on than others. And by doing this I have a chance to get close and intimate with the cards. This is something I cannot rush and feel satisfied and good about it. So bear with me please. I will try to separate the ramble from the meanings of the cards so you can get to the meat of the interpretation when you check it out. Alright, and now without further ado, let’s look at the Fool from the Badgers Forest Tarot.

TheBadgersForest Major Arcana (0)
The Fool – Badgers Forest Tarot, by Nakisha VanderHoeven

0 – FOOL – A Squirrel – Some thoughts:

The Fool is a squirrel. Do you know how happy that makes me? Why? Because I adore squirrels. It actually used to be my nickname growing up. In the last few years I’ve observed squirrels any time I got the chance while walking in the parks and cemeteries of my city.

I see squirrels as playful, resourceful and courageous risk takers. They are intelligent, and know when to scope out an opportunity. Some of the squirrels have come to perhaps expect food from humans, because people feed squirrels even though we know we should not feed wildlife. So squirrels come and check you out when you are walking around in the city parks. If you don’t have anything to offer they leave and go to sniff around and find another source of food. They are known for eating a varied diet of fruit, flowers, veggies, tree buds, plants, fungi, nuts, and insects, as well as small bird eggs when need to survive.

I see squirrels playing in the trees and chasing each other as well a little more aggressively when they are being territorial. They warn each other of predators or danger by communicating with their tails. They are constantly looking for food, know how to hide it and remember a lot of the hiding spots for a fairly long time. They are very resourceful and try to save food for winter. I see squirrels busying away even in the dead of winter. They go all the way to the top of some trees to eat some of the plant seeds left on. They jump from tree to tree and at some points they are at the very tip of a branch. Unfortunately I have twice seen squirrels fall out of trees in winter. I think it could be because the tree branches are icy a lot of the time and maybe they can’t always get a good grip, and also sometimes they also try more risky moves to get to the scarce food in winter. I was shocked the first time I saw a squirrel fall. It never occurred to me that they can, and it made me very sad. The second time I saw a squirrel fall was just a couple of weeks ago it disturbed me also. It’s is hard to witness, but it fell on snow and both times I saw them fall they seemed to be ok, got up and went to the trees again. I hope they were really ok and did not suffer major injuries that were noticeable later.

So yes, 🙂 I guess it’s clear that I really like squirrels. And all that I’ve mentioned above make me appreciate the Fool being represented by a squirrel in this deck.

O – FOOL – Squirrel – Card Symbols and Image:

In this image of the Fool the season is autumn. The grass like background is represented in a colour that suggests that the grass is getting drier and a little more yellow in some spots. The leaves of the Oak Tree are orange-brown and the squirrel is trying a bit of a risky move to get to the two acorns. The squirrel has her eyes on the prize and it seems that at any moment it can reach out to get those acorns perhaps putting itself in danger. But as we can see the squirrel is strongly secured to the branch with three of her four paws. It may reach with one of the front paw to get the acorn, or even jump to the next branch in an attempt to get the prize. This image suggests to me that we need to trust the squirrel to reach out, or leap to get the next phase of its life and accomplish her desire. The squirrel has an instinct that perhaps not even us, the ones that we think we know actually realize. The squirrel is going after what she needs and taking a perceived risk to be able to live, grow and develop. She follows her instinct and it’s going to keep doing that for as long as it needs and it’s necessary. Chances are the squirrel is going to be fine and even if she falls, there are branches around and below to catch herself and she will learn from each experience.

I referred to the squirrel a she at some points because I prefer it to “it”. At times I will do this and call the animals he or she without it being obvious if they are male of female in the images. It’s a preference, and I see animals even the ones represented in art, as acquaintances and friends. 🙂

Traditional keywords for the Fool: beginnings, innocence, spontaneity, potential, new experience, opportunity, optimism, change, freedom, a new phase in life

Squirrel symbolism: resourceful, survival, playful, action / active, swift change of direction, agility, courage, overcoming obstacles, perseverance, unstoppable

Oak symbolism: ancient wisdom, survival, protection, safety, bravery, generosity authority

Autumn symbolism: letting go, life and death, cycles, endings and beginnings immortality, transition, balance

Colour blue symbolism: spirit, the unconscious, intuition, depth, stability, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, sincerity

Colour green symbolism: new life, hope, growth, abundance, vitality, youth, inexperience, freshness, fertility, safety

Colour orange symbolism: enthusiasm, happiness, creativity, determination, encouragement, stimulation, pride, ambition, decisiveness, vitality, authority, ego, force

(Sources for colour meanings: The Tarot Plain and Simple book by Anthony Louise and the Color Wheel Pro site.)

0 – FOOL – Squirrel – Interpretation / Message:

Trust yourself at all times. For where you are in your journey of life is exactly where you need to be. Things may seem risky at times, and they very well could be, but we don’t move much further ahead in life without taking some steps that are perceived as risks. We have the resources we need, and we can always find more resources in our path. Instinctually, and intuitively we know where we need to go, what direction to take to get ourselves there, all we need to do is trust that instinct, that feeling in our gut and heart and follow its guidance. We are wise souls. All we need to do is trust. We can be in this position at the very beginning of something – a project, an idea, a course, a career change – or we can find ourselves in this position at the time when we need to take the very next step in some area of our life. The point is that we are going to be ok. We always learn and grow from our experiences, and we can trust ourselves and our inner guidance to navigate our path in life.

“Life is full of worthy nuts.” 😉 – A quote I just made up for this card. 😀

For a traditional meaning of The Fool card from the Rider Waite tarot system, check out Biddy Tarot. It is one of my favourite tarot sites. One day I’ll have to write a list of all my favourite sites, blogs, podcasts, and YouTube channels that are inspiring me on my path of learning tarot.

Check out some adorable pictures of squirrels and other rodents by Vadim Turnov on And see below a video of a growing oak seed.

Much love everyone! I hope you liked this post and this interpretation of the Fool. ❤



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