True Black Tarot & Flowers of the Night Oracle

I have taken to working with one oracle and one tarot deck a week. It is not enough time to spend with the decks, but it gives me enough time to see how they work and some time to connect with them.

I started changing decks once a week since I have started to grow my collection and I wanted to make sure most of my decks get some attention, as well as make sure that I use my collection since I spend my hard earned money on the decks. I would not say I get bored with a deck that I try to use longer than a week, but my attention and focus span with a deck really lacks after one week. I got used to working with the decks within this time frame for  about a year now, and by the end of the week, I am itching to see what other decks I am going to pair up and work with.

So, as it may be obvious from the title of this post, that this week of 22nd to 28th of June 2020, I am using the True Black Tarot and the Flowers of the Night Oracle. I chose these two decks for this week, to keep in the mood with a reading that I did for the last New Moon on June 21st, using the True Black Tarot. I wanted to keep in tune with the perceived darkness of the new moon, and the Flowers of the Night Oracle, just became the perfect oracle companion to the True Black Tarot. Here are a couple of pictures that illustrate how beautifully they work together.

There is one spread that I use every week to have a look at the overall energy of the week. I originally saw this spread on Roots of Aurora’s Instagram account, and I have been using it almost every week for more than a year. This spread gives me all that I need for the week. The original Week Ahead Spread did not include an oracle card, but I include an oracle card, or Lenormand card, or even a playing card and a rune if I feel in the mood. I tend to listen to my mood. 😊

I hope you use this spread for yourself this upcoming week. If you do, don’t forget to give credit where is due for the spread, as I do every time, I post on my Instagram account @veronicaanab. You can credit @rootsofaurora on Instagram and anywhere you may post your cards for this spread.

Have a good rest of the weekend friend. Stay safe, and be blessed!

How beautiful are these backs!


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