Tarot Decks by Nakisha VanderHoeven

Hello lovelies!

I own a few tarot decks by Nakisha VanderHoeven, and I’ve been meaning to write my own interpretations of the cards for some time now. I have a journal where I have started to write some interpretations of the cards from The Badgers Forest Tarot, but then I thought that I would like to post my interpretations here on the blog as well. So, I am very happy to say that a few days ago I have contacted the artist, Ms. VanderHoeven, and received permission to post images from her decks along with my intuitive and personal interpretations of the cards. Yay!

The Badgers Forest Tarot

I am very excited and nervous since it’s all going to be public and available here for anyone that wants to read it. But I am looking forward to doing it and having it organized here. I will start with The Badges Forest Tarot, and then at some point, continue with  The Rabbit Tarot and The Riderless Tarot. Each deck will be under its own blog post on one page with links to other posts on each of the cards.

24139298_531603830536670_811945251_o (1)
The Riderless Tarot

I am hoping to be able to start with this project very soon.

Much love!

The journal I use for The Badgers Forest Tarot



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