Death Message – Halloween Oracle

Hello everyone,

This week we are working with the Halloween Oracle, by Stacey Demarco with art by Jimmy Manton. What a stunning deck this is. I love it. And we’re using it just in time for Halloween. 🙂

Our message for today come from the card Death.

Death: The eternal cycle begins here.

“‘Tis is not the end

Though I may pass in the night

I get to do my time over

Although you may get a fright!”


2017-10-30 - 11-5 Haloween Oracle (1)
Death: The eternal cycle begins here – Halloween Oracle

Death Card Image: In the image we have a full moon with the image of a skull in it. A huge Death’s-Head Hawkmoth is shown just below the moon. Clouds are swirling around the moon and light shines up from the bottom illuminating the moth.

Keywords: Death • Endings • Life cycle • New Beginnings • Something falling away • Clearing

Death Card Message: Many cultures believe in reincarnation and that we start over again with new lives. Many pagans believe that death is the beginning of a new cycle of life. Live beings get born, live, and die. The souls then get to choose their next life, body, and place or reincarnation. Many of us do not want to face death in any form, but we can try to “make friends with death”, as it is a reality of life. This card’s message comes as a reminder that things in our life end from time to time, and this ending gives clearing for something else to begin. This clearing of things that don’t work for us anymore, that are not serving us, and that really need to be let go, can be very powerful and even healing. So let’s release what we don’t need, want, and it’s dead in our lives today. Let’s clear out some space internally, externally or both, so that new life, and new experiences can come in.

Many blessings,


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