My Healing Tarot Challenge On Instagram – August 2016

Hello lovelies! 💖 It’s been a wile since I’ve posted anything on this blog. For that I apologize and I have not excuses other than the feeling that I get very nervous about posting on WordPress for some reason. I am more active on various Social Media accounts, but I would like to contribute here … More My Healing Tarot Challenge On Instagram – August 2016

I choose to have loving, accepting people in my life.

Affirmations are statements that are written in the present tense and encourage positive thinking and self-empowerment. They condition the subconscious mind so that you are able to: develop a positive perception of yourself, transform harmful behaviors, motivate you to accomplish personal goals, as well as, heal yourself from the damage of negative scripts (the repetitive…

From Despair to Where?

Originally posted on Tiferet Tarot:
Over the last month, I have been publishing small chunks of tarot reading advice on my Instagram and Facebook pages, which I call Tarot Tips. For each, I have posted a card from my own deck, the unpublished Spirit Within the Shadows Tarot. I have been working my way through…