The High Priestess Message – Zombie Tarot

Hello beautiful people,

Out message for today from the Zombie Tarot comes from the card The High Priestess.

2017-10-(23-29) - Zombie Tarot (4)

The Priestess Card Image: Our Priestess is seated on a giant skull. Two snakes are wrapped around her shoulders as she sits in a meditative position completely focused internally as she contemplates the fiery circle and its contents in front of her. She is strong and powerful and might be using the bones in the fire to divine her future and future of humanity. Candles raised and placed on brick blocks surround her sacred fire in a full circle. The moon is full and high in the sky with a few clouds passing by as the city’s polluting plant factories still burns.

Keywords: Mystery • Intuition • Secrets • Reflection • Meditation • Matters not yet revealed • Looking within • Trusting your inner voice • Esoteric knowledge • Occult wisdom

The Priestess Message: Today we are encouraged to look within for our answers. Thoughts and answers may not come easy to us at this time, but they are there, although they appear to be hidden from our conscious mind. We need to tap into our subconscious and allow the knowledge stored there to come forth. Our intuitive voice and mind will be our guide today. We need to pay attentions to signs we get from the universe and decipher their meaning into a cohesive message that can guide us and bring us towards finding the answers to our questions, and solutions to whatever we are dealing with today.

Much love and many blessings lovelies.


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