The Magician Weekend Message – Tarot of the Vampyres

Hello lovelies,

I hope this Friday find you well and you have some beautiful plans for the weekend. 🙂 Our weekend card from the Tarot of the Vampires by Ian Daniels, is The Magician. What a great card for the weekend.

2017-10-(16-22) - Tarot of the Vampyres (5)
The Magician – Tarot of the Vampyres

The Magician Card Image: In the image we see a young vampyre with long flowing white and black hair. He is bare chested with spiral designed tattoos on his chest, shoulders and arms. On his shoulders is a black cape with black feathers the ends of which flow in the wind. The cape is held together at the top with round red clasp. The magician wears the symbol of the planet Mercury on a chain around his neck. We see The Magician here implementing the four element representations of the suits. The blazing scepter in his left hand contains the active power of the will and of spiritual creativity. In his right hand he has a grail of blood, a symbol of the unconscious, the vessel into which he mixes fire and water. “This life blood is then poured (channelled) into the wheel of the tarot – the sphere of the zodiac – depicted by the large basin. On the altar in front of him, the Knife, a symbol of thought and conception is planted in the Skull – which itself is a symbolic of manifest, physical form of earthly events. “These four elements are the four powers that The Magician uses with great skills as tools to give him power and superiority over his fate.” “The candle is both the original spirit and the combined forces binding the elements together into the Magician’s design.”

Keywords: The Spiritual Father and positive masculine energy. Action and activity. Creative power. Assertiveness. Brilliance. The Power of influence. Skill and talent. Communication. Insight and deliberation. The Ego. Direct action through individualist and creative energies. Applying energized force. Feeling centered and focused on a goal. Active willpower and drive. Balance and flexibility. Ingenious. Bold and vital energy. Inspiration, transformation and purposefulness. Perception and analyses. Male sexuality. The Magic Arts. Dynamic. Spells, spiritual wisdom and ceremony. Spiritual intensity. Shaping our destiny towards our desires. Daring. As a phoenix from the flames. – Keywords from the companion book Phantasmagoria.

The Magician Message: We are strongly encouraged to use the skills and energy of The Magician this weekend. We are called to be the shaper and the creator of our reality. We are to “engage our creative vitality in order to conceive or develop something we desire”, whether to control an existing situation or create a new one. We have the absolute power to change things to our will. We must believe that anything we desire is possible and can be within our grasp, by the use of our creative ingenuity, dedication and intense ambition we can make the possibility into a reality. The time is right now to execute our will towards things that we want in life. Our manifested desires come with a knowing, a carefree “matter of fact” belief, instead of forced intellectualization of the things we want. Just like we know that day comes after night, we can know rather than hope, that we will receive the manifestation of our desires. We must know it will be so, and work towards it with our amazing creativity and all the tools at our disposal.

Much love and many blessings to you all this weekend!


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