The Devil Message – Tarot of the Vampyres

Hello lovelies,

Today’s message from the Tarot of the Vampyres, by Ian Daniels, comes from the card The Devil.

2017-10-(16-22) - Tarot of the Vampyres (4)
The Devil – Tarot of the Vampyres

“The Devil portrayed in this card is not the evil figure as characterized by some interpretations of the Bible, but rather an image of fiery creative energy. As the trump card of Capricorn, his nature is that of a wild mountain goat, representing cosmic energy in its most material and masculine aspect.”

The Devil Card Image: In the image we see the Devil as the representation of the god Pan. “He is the archetype of the ancient primeval forest god – sometimes known as the Horned God, or as The Lord of The Forest. He is shown here with dark fur, the torso of man, the head of a wolf, and the horns of a goat. He is looking up as if he’s howling, screaming, or laughing merrily.  His long arching horns have spirals designs on them and his eyes shine fiery red. At his feet is a fiery cauldron with the sign of the reversed pentacle etched on it. The inverted pentagram is a “symbol of the earth element exalted above spirit, which means that it has gained control via physical manifestation and willful action”. We can also see two angels with dark wing feathers in the card. They represent “our higher self-enthralled and impassioned within our physical being”.

Keywords: Procreative energy. Rapturous lust. Vitality and magnificence. Euphoria and ecstasy. Zest for life. Potent creative powers. Dynamic masculine energy. Instinctive passion and unrestrained exuberance. Blind impulse. Energetic fiery passions and intensity. Masculine sexuality and fertility. Exhilaration, bliss, and joy. Satisfaction. Ambition, personal drive and individuality. Lust for result. Glorification of the ego. Enjoyment and pleasure. Creative energy in material form. Health, virility and vivacity. Divine intoxication. Light-hearted or mischievous. Rebellion. Breaking down structures and breaking rules. Extra-sensory perception. Ritual. Sex Magic.

The Devil Message: Today we are being inspired to “thrust with full passion toward our goals. We are encouraged to engage with our “potent creative energy” and follow our “impulsive instincts with intense exuberance”. We are to let our dynamic force of will and lust for results to drive us forward towards the achievement of our desires in life. We may receive a flash of inspiration today, and our enthusiasm and passion may be ignited by something, perhaps someone in our lives, a creative project, or an amazing idea. We might feel euphoric and ecstatic, and a renewed vitality and zest for life. We may gather momentum and take our creativity in new and exciting directions. We are encouraged to seek our joys in life, to taste the divine in everything, and appreciate all things with full abandon to our pleasure.

Much love,


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