Eight of Cups Message – Zombie Tarot

Hello lovely people,

I hope the beginning of this week finds you well. This week we are receiving messages from the Zombie Tarot. I am looking forward to this one. I have used it once for a reading for someone and it worked out really great. I am looking forward to get to know it better this week as we go through the cards and the messages of the day.

This Monday, our zombie survival and daily survival comes from the card Eight of Cups.

2017-10-(23-29) - Zombie Tarot (1)

Eight of Cups Card Image: The scene in this card takes place in a shopping center parking lot. It’s dusk, the sky is splitting with lighting streaks, and zombies are all about. Our lovely lady has taken as much as her valuables as she dared and is ready to move on and leave this town that is no longer working for her. Because you know…Zombies! 🙂 She stopped to take one last look around before she says goodbye to this place, and she better hurry up because that one zombie lady in a pink suit is catching up to her. Priorities my dear lady, priorities! (This deck is fun.)

Keywords: Saying goodbye. Leaving. Leaving the past behind. Walking away. Moving on. Letting go. Breaking loose. Looking inward. Impermanence.  Directing energies to a new interest and a different direction. Jobs, situations, relationships dismantling. End of a cycle. Searching for meaning or something new.

Eight of Cups Message: Today we might be dealing with some strong emotions about having to leave something behind. We might have to take a hard look at where we were, we are, and where we want to be, and make a decision that will help us in the long run. We might be at the end of our rope with this situation, and this is the card that it is encouraging us to take action, and to put some things in place in order to be able to move on, and to move away from the situation. This is something that it’s not working for us anymore – and probably it is not working for the people involved in this situation either. We’ve done all we can do at this point and it might be time to gather the courage to do what is best for ourselves. This is not an easy journey for us but we can try our best and figure out how we can move on now or in the near future. Now is the time to do the research needed and to put our best resources to work to achieve this goal.

Much love everyone!


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