Message from Thyone – Dark Goddess Tarot

Hello lovelies,

Today’s message comes to us from the card Ten of Fire – Thyone, from the DARK GODDESS TAROT.

Dark Goddess Tarot 10-2to8, 2017 (3)

Ten of Fire – Thyone: Thyone is a Greek Goddess of Divine Frenzy

“How far would you go to meet God?”

Card Image and Representation: “Thyone (pronounced thigh-O-knee) is a mortal who becomes a goddess, the aphoteshed mother of Dionysus, the wild intoxicating god of wine and nature.” She is shown here at the moment when the god Zeus, Dionysos’s father, came to her as he promised, to show his true form as prove of his love for Thyone.  Upon Zeus’s revealing of his true form to her, Thyone is consumed by thunder and lightning. The image shows Thyone in the mists of that experience. Ten fiery lightning bolts are surrounding and consuming her.

“Diefied as Thyone, which translates to “inspired frenzy”, the goddess is born Semele, a mortal princess of Thebes, a kingdom in central Greece.” Semele was a beautiful woman who attracted the attention of Zeus. They begin an affair in which he comes secretly to her. At the time that Zeus reveals his true form to her and she becomes consumes by thunder and lightning, her immortal son Dionysos is recovered from her womb. Upon reaching adulthood, Dionysus descends to the underworld and recovers her with a body that has been bathed in and can withstand the purifying fire. She, Semele, becomes the goddess Thyone, and takes the place among the immortals. Thyone is the high priestess of the Dionysian rites, the Bacchic orgies. She leads Maenads, the “frenzied ones”, as they worship through their dancing, clashing cymbals, juggling flutes, and pounding drums.

Thyone’s Message: “You cannot stop what is happening nor prevent it from overwhelming you. The only way out is through in this situation.” We are encouraged to keep going and to not give up, no matter the situation we find ourselves in. The future will hold changes that will set us free. We are encouraged to use certain remedies to prevent the stress that we may feel at this time, from makings sick. We are to sweat the stress out. We can dance it out. We can run. We can drink hot tea. Eat hot foods. Go to a sauna, or take a hot bath. We are to get it all out. All of the stress we feel right now as things settle. Now we need an energetic response. We need to keep pushing and reaching for more, as this will bring us more of what is possible in our lives.

Blessing lovelies. Have a wonderful day.


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