She Who Watches Message – Dark Goddess Tarot

Hello lovelies,

Today’s message comes to us from the card Hag of Earth – She Who Watches, from the DARK GODDESS TAROT.

Dark Goddess Tarot 10-2to8, 2017 (4)

Hag of Earth – She Who Watches: Tsagaglalal Chinook Stone Chief

“Remember history or more will be lost.”

Card Image and Representation: Tsagaglalal, known as She Who Watches is a chief of peaceful, populous, and prosperous people of the many villages around Celilo Falls, along the Columbia River. Tsagaglalal stands on a bluff high above the river and watches all of her people. She is shown here as she was turned into stone by the Coyote, the creator, and trickster, and fool. He comes to her and asks her how is she going to be a good chief when the world changes. Tsagaglalal responds that she does not know but she will stand and watch over her people as long as she can. When Coyote hears her answer he turns her to stone. Now she can constantly watch over her people through all the changes in the world. Her people come to her and sit in front of her and ask her to see into their life, their suffering, and the trouble they now face. The people ask for a vision of resolution, wisdom and strength.

She Who Watches Message: “Put your trust in what is known to last through the years.” We are reminded that the world is changing, and we are to the witnesses to what is happening in our world. We are to carry the story of ourselves, our world, and all of those changes and pass it on. It’s our responsibility to carry the memory and honour what came before us. We are encouraged to look for the seeds of memory in our past and to remember, to bring it to the surface, to see where the trouble began. From here we can rebuild our life, our world, or say goodbye to it if it cannot be remedied and remade. We need to stay open to receiving visions, and not allow our despair could our eyes, minds, and soul. We are too look for the ordinary symbols in our dreams in order to reveal depth and meaning over time. We need to be strong as stone and endure. We are encouraged to sit in stillness and hold a special rock that we’ve found in our path at some point. Let’s sit quietly and hold this special rock we found and feel its solidity. Feel it as it gets warmer in our hands, and how it began its long slow life. Let’s touch the surface and feel the rock’s shape, cracks, edges, and remember all the transformation it went through as fire and ice and water reshaped it, yet it still remains. It is still beautiful and strong.

Many blessings lovelies!




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