Message from Cailleach – Dark Goddess Tarot

Hello lovelies,

Today’s message comes to us from the card Eight of Earth – Cailleach, from the DARK GODDESS TAROT. 

Dark Goddess Tarot 10-2to8, 2017 (6)

Eight of Earth – Cailleach: Cailleach is a Scottish Goddess of Winter.

“The mountain is built stone by stone.”

Card Image and Representation: Cailleach (pronounced ky-loch, or ka-loch), is shown here as a blue-skinned cyclopean giantess. The blue skin represents the cold deep sky of winter. She is walking on top of the mountains taking her yearly journey across the land from the Irish to the North Sea. She is carrying stones in her apron, and when they fall they become stony hills and great boulders. She is building a homeland, stone by stone, boulder by boulder, she makes mountains. Cailleach is wearing a plaid garment with the colours of brown, red, and gray over her shoulders, to signify the end of summer and the beginning of her reign as winter’s queen. Her single eye is her power to see time and space at a different level. As tools and not constraints.

Cailleach is the hag of winter, the mother of the gods and goddesses of mountains, rocks, and cold bare earth. Cailleach means veiled or hooded, like a mountain wrapped in mist. Her world is an ancient world of hunters of deer, not herders of cattle. She gathers the deer and guides them to protected areas at the start of winter. She also offers shelter to careful travelers, or she calls up a storm and allows others to perish. She holds the power of the winds and can control if a wind blows softly or harshly, or she can make the wind so strong that great stones would be tumbling down the mountains.

Cailleach’s Message: For your efforts to result in the achievement of your goals work steadily. Work in proved and respectful ways. There is no cheating on this path. No shortcuts to a lasting achievement. We are encouraged to learn, know and remember that we need to our work itself to be valuable to us. Is we accomplish this and let our work have its own value for us, we will also see rewards in many other ways. We are to allow our efforts to bring us strength, not depletion. We are to keep an eye on the big picture and be mindful of where our daily steps along the way are taking us. We are encouraged to look at our routines and make adjustments for the better.

Magic: Try cord knotting magic. – ” As late as the fourteenth century,  Scottish weather witches sold knotted cords openly to sailors, so the seaman could unloose them as they needed wind.” –  “Chose a cord in the colour and material that feels right. Choose a time and a place appropriate to the power you wish to store for a later need. Call on the power until you feel giant inside. Chant as you tie the knots. “Knot of one, spell’s begun. Knot of two, spell comes true. Knot of three, so mote it be.” When releasing the power, wither all at once or over three consecutive days, untie the knots in the same order as you tied them. The last knot released is the climax, the final and most powerful knot tied in the previous ritual.”

Blessed be lovelies. Have a beautiful Tuesday.


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