Dragonfly Message – Weekend July 21-23, 2017 – Animal Spirit Oracle

Hello lovelies,

Our card with the focus for the weekend from the Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Oracle, by Kim Krans, is DRAGONFLY.

Dragonfly Card Keywords: Light, Change, Self-realization, Evolving, Transforming, Joy, Lightness, Agility, Adaptability, Illusions, Emotions, Shifting vibrations, Quick and shifting mind, The Fay, and Nature spirits.

AnimalSirit 2017-0715 (5)PICM

Dragonfly card image: The beautiful Dragonfly in this card is drawn against the blue symbol of water.

Message for the weekend from Dragonfly: Be light. Be joyous. Be aware of your mind this weekend. Is it restless or still? Is it dreamlike, or crystal clear? Are you being too rational and seeing things one way, or are you keeping the range of emotions and thinking alive? You might need to gain a new perspective this weekend or make a change in an area of your life. As well it would be a good idea to spend some time outside in the sun and/or near water.

Have a lovely weekend sweets! ⇓

Check out this video clip from the documentary Conquest of the Skies, with commentary by David Attenborough.



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