The Hanged Man Message – The Unicorn Tarot

Hello Lovelies!

Today’s message comes to us from the card XII Hanged Man, belonging to The Unicorn Tarot, authored by Suzanne Star, and illustrated by Liz Hilton. Check out a review on this deck by Steven Bright from Tifert Tarot, right here on WordPress.

XII The Hanged Man keywords: Reflection, Serenity, Suspension, New angle, New perspective, Limbo, Voluntary sacrifice, Adaptability, Slow action, A testing period, A lesson to be learned, Breaking from the past, Readjustment, Stasis, Spiritual reflection and attunement.

Unicorn Tarot 07-24-2017 (1)PICM

The Hanged Man card image: In this image a man is suspended upside down by one of his feet. He seems calm and serene as he hangs between two white stone carvings of majestic unicorns. The stone unicorns are facing each other and together they hold the man from their joined hoofs. The feel of the two stone unicorn is solid, patient, eternal, and impartial. The man hangs with his eyes open appertaining to be thinking or reflecting, and his hands are held behind his back, as if to show that this is a time of reflection and not of action. He will not be using his hands to release himself from this position, at lest for now. He is calmly awaiting the new phase of his journey.

The Hanged Man message: You might be at a crossroads in your life, and you are trying to discover what your best course of action should be. As such you might want to chose to take some time to figure things out and see things from a new angle and perspective. You might not be able to move forward satisfactorily until you give yourself some time to reflect and allow the passing of inactive time to show you the best course of action for yourself and your journey/project/life. This willing sacrifice of your time, of your “doing” something towards your goal, will wield the results “being” who you need to be, of knowing what you need to know, to continue forward, but only if you allow it, in allowing the time to pass until it is time to be active again. Once you accomplish that you can once again take control of your journey, your life, or your project. Learn to “be” for a time, quiet the mind, and you will be equipped with blessed changes in energy, vibrations, and inner knowledge.

Blessed be lovelies!




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