Snake and Rabbit Message – Animal Spirit Oracle

Hello lovelies,

Today we have messages from two cards from the Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Oracle, by Kim Krans. I shuffled the cards and got the SNAKE card again, the same card as yesterday. Because of that I shuffled some more asking “How can we further use the energy of the SNAKE?”, and I pulled another card. The second card that will help us connect further with the energy of Snake is RABBIT.

Click here to out the message of SNAKE from yesterday.

The Snake encouraged us to transform, to stay grounded, to be aware and take in our environment through our senses, and to renew ourselves and our lives. To help us further connect with the energy of SNAKE we are going to also connect with the energy of RABBIT.

Rabbit Card Keywords: Fertility, Abundance, Creativity, Awareness, Awareness of surroundings and environment, Alertness, Cautiousness, Fearful, Vulnerability, The Moon, Spring, Rapid Growth, High Energy, Swiftness, Harmony, Love, Luck, and New life.


AnimalSirit 2017-0715 (4)PICM

Rabbit Card Image: In the Rabbit card we see a rabbit standing and looking to the right. He’s years are up and alert as if he’s listening to his surroundings. The card’s background is red as if the Sun is setting or rising behind our rabbit.

Intuitive Message from Rabbit: Open yourself to love and abundance. Stay busy, stay intuitive and stay aware. Do what you love and bring joy and delight into your life. If you are fearful, it’s OK.  Fear is a part of life. As long as you don’t let your fears take over and paralyze you for longer than is healthy, you can learn how to read the messages of fear, and how to manage your fear to still do what you need to do. To still take the steps you need to take in life. Delight in the season and find some time to play and frolic.

Intuitive Message from Rabbit to help us further connect with the energy of Snake: The Snake’s meaning and talk of transformation and change might have scarred you away from your newly devised goals and plans. Do not fear, change will come either way. You don’t have to change what works. You don’t have to transform what is already serving you and your life. But you might have to transform those areas that are no longer working. Yes, vulnerability is scary, vulnerability might seem like weakness, but in truth vulnerability is openness and acceptance of one’s situation which brings about the opportunity for change. Vulnerability is intuition, is awareness, and is self-acceptance. There comes a point when we have to take a chance and run, crawl, and skip across the field even with the embodiment of our fears following behind us. There comes a point when you must just jump for your chance, take action and make your move. Trust me it is worth it.

Much love sweeties!




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