Being in the ‘Now’ 

I’m on the bus on my way to work this morning. It is 5:56 AM. I was thinking to try to meditate this morning instead reading a book, or listening to audio book download from the library called, ‘Elementary, She Read: Sherlock Holmes Bookshop Mystery‘. This is Book 1 in the series.

I quickly realized that I could not meditate this morning because I could not focus. Then I remembered that I could try to just be. To be in the World. To be just Me. To be in the ‘Now’. 

Being in the Now, today, it’s different than any other days I’ve tried this, because I’m really letting myself be in the now with everything that’s going on inside of me. Being in the now today means I’m being with my scattered and unfocused thoughts this morning. It means I’m being with my pre-menstual pain for which I don’t what to take a pain killer yet. It means being aware how that abdominal pain makes me feel. Being aware of its presence. Then, being aware of my thoughts. Being aware of my surroundings inside the bus and the people here with me. How to I feel about them? What do I think of them? Do I have any judgements towards any of them? Why? What are thosw judgements? And, where do they come from inside of me? And finally, being in the now with the scenery outside the bus window as we move through the city’s streets. 

Being in the Now, as I have learned from listening to the teachings of Teal Swan, and how I’ve come to realize it myself, it is more than finding silence and bliss. It is about all that is going on at that moment. Or the one focus and obsession that floods the mind. 

In the ‘Now’. 

Have a wonderful day everyone. Much love and many blessings! 💞 



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