Lady De Los Muertos – Halloween Oracle

Hello lovelies,

Our message for the weekend from the Halloween Oracle comes from the card Lady De Los Muertos. Lady De Los Muertos: Acceptance and equality. It would have been amazing to have gotten her on November 1st or 2nd, but her message is valuable at any time of the year.

2017-10-30 - 11-5 Haloween Oracle (5)

Lady De Los Muertos: Acceptance and equality.

“Pale you step out of the night

In red lace, full flowers upon your crown

You bring the beauty to death

The equality and joy of the underground.”

Lady De Los Muertos Card Image: In the image we see a woman dressed to represent Lady De Los Muertos (Lady of the Dead), La Calavera Catrina (Dapper skeleton / Elegant skull), a very revered icon of the Mexican Días De Los Muertos – Day of the Dead. This character was first introduced by the work of Jose Guadalupe Posada, the popularity of La Calavera Catrina specifically derives from the work of the artist Diego Rivera. This iconic image is further tied to the past heritage of the Aztecs and the death-goddess Mictecacihuatl.

Keywords: Death equally finds us all • Another aspect of life • A natural process of things

Lady De Los Muertos Weekend Message: The Lady of the Dead is here to remind us this weekend that we all get born and die on this planet Earth. No one escapes this. No matter our life, our possessions, we all end and exit this life at some point. The reminder here this weekend is that this is a natural occurrence that we need to make peace with for ourselves. We can do some shadow work around it this weekend, we can think about and accept this reality, and perhaps think of what are life is, what we might like it to be, and get the courage to get to it while we are still here now and can. This can be a very taboo and scary subject for many people depending on culture we live in or come from, but if we can find a way to gradually perhaps think on this aspect, a liberation, and release of certain fears can be accomplished. Our lives might be that much richer for it.

Much love and many blessings lovelies!





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