Skeleton Message – Halloween Oracle

Hello lovelies,

Happy Day of the Dead!

We are continuing our work with the Halloween Oracle this week and our message today comes from the card Skeleton. Skeleton: Strength.

2017-10-30 - 11-5 Haloween Oracle (4)

Skeleton: Strength

“On the outside is flesh

On the inside is bone

There is strength in vulnerability

In power we have grown.”

Skeleton Card Image: In the image we have a skeleton of which we can see the upper part from the pelvic bone up, and a skull which has the maxilla but missing the mandible bone.

Keywords: Structure • Strength • Foundation • Support

Skeleton Card Message: The Skeleton card encourages us to not shy away from both our strengths and vulnerabilities. To not be afraid to share not only those times when we have an easy time and things are going well for us and we are feeling strong, but also share the things that are not working for us, the things that scare us, and the things we are having difficulty with. In this way we can be genuine and authentic with the people in our life, and people around us. Pretending that all is fine all the time will put us in the frame of others not being able to relate to us to share the similarities between our life and stories. There is strength in being vulnerable, and much support can be had by sharing those experiences of vulnerability and difficulties with others. So let’s be strong enough to be authentic and sharing our life with others no matter what that might look like today.

Much love and many blessings!



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