Dawn Message – Halloween Oracle

Hello lovelies,

In Romania where I was born and grew up we celebrate our own Day of the Dead, or sometimes called Luminary Day, today on November 1st. Many cultures around the world have a way to commemorate and celebrate their dead today and tomorrow. In Romania we go to the graves of family members and friends that are in spirit and share memories from their life, as well as food and drink right over their grave. We make offerings of food, drink, flowers, and we light lots of candles. Cemeteries become alive with all the candles, the people talking and laughing as they share their stories. So for all of those of you who are honouring your dead today, and/or tomorrow, Happy Day of the Dead.

Now to our message for today. The card that showed up for us today from the Halloween Oracle is the card DAWN. Dawn: The light after the darkness.

2017-10-30 - 11-5 Haloween Oracle (3)

Dawn: The light after the darkness

“After the darkest times

The sun will always rise

The dawn will always come

This can be no surprise.”

Dawn Card Image: In the image we have a beautiful Eurasian Eagle Owl flying in the light of dawn with the sun behind him. The world below is illuminated, and we can see a river and its river bed, green grasses and hills on the ground.

Keywords: Hope • Illumination • New Beginnings

Dawn Card Message: Dawn and deities of dawn, such as Eostre, Brigid, Helios, and Apollo herald hope and new life. Today we are reminded that there are always new beginnings and a fresh start to be had. Change is constant and at times can be difficult but it even those difficult times will pass. If we don’t lose sight of hope we can forge on forward with our life and make the best of it. So today lovelies, let’s remember that there’s hope and we can find hope in our life. There’s light after darkness. We just need to look around at nature and other images that inspires hope inside us, and we can work with our dawn deities as well as surround ourselves with the supporting people in our lives to find it.

Blessings lovelies, and Happy Day of the Dead!



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