The Hermit Message – The Zombie Tarot

Hello lovelies,

Our message today from the Zombie Tarot comes from The Hermit card.

2017-10-(23-29) - Zombie Tarot (3)

The Hermit Card Image: Our Hermit is totally chill in her barricaded room with a good book and a box of chocolate. Zombies are knocking and reaching through the gaps of the wooden barricade, and The Hermit pays them no mind as she is totally focused on her need for solitude and recuperation. She needs some time with herself before she can deal with the bothersome zombies again. Damn…..those zombies are relentless.

Keywords: Solitude • Respite • Self-Reliance • Becoming Centered • Meditation • Inner guidance • Withdrawal from daily routine

The Hermit Message: We all need some time to ourselves and today is the day that we are advised to take it. The need for a much deserved break is making itself evident to us today. Let’s take some time when and where we can to recharge our batteries before we go out into the world again today. A few deep breaths go a long way. Our favourite novel, a bit of chocolate, a fragrant epsom salt bath with candles can help. Or simply just a few minutes in the park, around a tree, plant, or anything green in nature. Let’s make this hermit-y day count.

Much love and many blessings everyone,



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