Five of Wands – Zombie Tarot

Hello lovelies,

Our card message from the Zombie Tarot today comes from the card Five of Wands.

2017-10-(23-29) - Zombie Tarot (2)

Five of Wands Card Image: Two young zombies fight over who gets to eat a person’s leg. Meanwhile while they quarrel, their prey is crawling away.

Keywords: External conflict • Quarrels • Strife • Conflict of interest • Competition • Assertiveness

Five of Wands Message: We may be facing some squabbles today with our friends, family, or coworkers. Things could get a little heated, but it’s not going to get too serious. Perhaps we find ourselves stressed and overworked, or plain and simple have a day when we feel ‘off’. Regardless if we start something, or someone starts a quarrel, or a competitive session with us we need to not lose track of what is important. Friendships could be lost and work situations could get out of control. Let’s keep in mind what we want and where we’re going, and strive to maintain our eyes on those goals without getting too distracted by what is happening outside of ourselves.

Much love,



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