Five of Scepters Message – Tarot of the Vampyres

Hello lovelies,

We are continuing to work with the beautiful Tarot of the Vampyres, by Ian Daniels this week . Our message today comes from the card the Five of Scepters (Wands).

2017-10-(16-22) - Tarot of the Vampyres (2)
Five of Scepters (Fire/Wands) of the Tarot of the Vampyres

Five of Scepters Card Image: A woman is facing a black panther. She is holding a flaming cross shaped scepter and facing the panther defiantly. She appears to be in a courtyard or a garden. There are red rosebushes, and planters on each side of a staircase on which the panther is facing the woman. The pillars on which the planter are resting are carved with the symbols of Leo and Saturn. Orange dry leaves are floating around and the sky is deep red.

Keywords: The force of will. Challenges and competition. Meeting trials and hardships. Ambition and self-determination. Conflict. Rebellion and revolution. Purification through fire. The power of evolution. Trying to better oneself. Lessons through trials. Intense activity. Blocking attacks and fighting back. Bursting through limitations. Passion or lust. Comparison of strengths. Purging and refining. Resurrection. Bursts of creative energy. Mastery through conflicts. Proving our abilities. Guardianship. Standing up for ourselves. Concentrated charge of power. Breaking through resistance. Defiance. The thrill of the contest.

Five of Scepters Message: We might be facing a period of challenges and competition today, or in the near future. Whatever issues or situations we are dealing with at this time it appears that there are some competitive elements about it. We might face some opposition or someone may intentionally challenge our position. Or, it may be that these blockages and obstacles are within ourselves and they need to be dealt with in order for us to release those energies. During this time of challenges or conflict we can really learn about ourselves, we can overcome our obstacles and learn to rely on our own strengths and discover what our potential weak areas are. Thus we can learn new skills to deal with and overcome future obstacles. We can gain new talents and beliefs about ourselves that is unique to us. We can learn to flourish from these experiences and appreciate the better, calmer times in our lives. Adversity and hardships makes us stronger, and we can learn to use our creative imagination to help us accept the challenges we face and transform them into knowledge and personal power. This is also a time when we can learn from past mistakes and use new approaches to deal with the situation.  This competition, or challenge whether internal or external, is about refinement and it is ultimately helping us with our own growth towards success and happiness.

Many blessings lovelies,



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