The Moon Message – Tarot of the Vampyres

Hello lovelies,

How is this Monday finding you? I am excited for our messages this week, which will be coming from the beautiful Tarot of the Vampyres, by Ian Daniels. Our message today comes from the card The Moon.

2017-10-(16-22) - Tarot of the Vampyres (1)

The Moon Card Image: In this card image we see a female vampyre in a cemetery. To her right we see a path winding up in between tombstones with stairs leading through archway towards a cathedral. The vampyre woman has white hair and wears a wedding dress and a veil. She is holding a moon shaped bloodied sickle in her left hand, and at her neck she wears the symbol of Pisces. The beautiful full moon is hanging huge and low in the night sky behind her. The Vampire Bride is facing us and looking directly at us through blue eyes.

Keywords: Encountering and releasing our inner fears. Facing our Shadows. Illusion and fantasy. Dreams and nightmares. Entering the image world of the soul. Peculiar or strange. Bewitchments. Glamor. Descent into the Underworld. Deep inner questing that leads to the rebirth of light. Reincarnation. Reawakening or resurrection. Dream work and visualisation. Exploring the depths of the subconscious. Occult knowledge. The realm of the dead.

The Moon Message: Today we may be feeling a little lost, we may feel haunting thoughts or emotions, and feel that the path in front of us in not clearly visible, or even comprehensible. The issue, problem, or situation that we are dealing with at this moment may be a little mysterious, elusive, or intangible. This situation, issue, or problem what we’re facing at this time could represent issues that are deeply woven into our subconscious. Our deep fears, or nightmares might be coming up for us and we are advised to take one step at the time along this mysterious unclear path. To be aware of our inner intuition and signs along the way in order to pass through these mists we experience and to move towards the light of clarity. We are to look at our dreams, subconscious, and shadow for understanding. Now it is time for the creative side of our imagination and not our reasoning side. Fantasy and creativity will help us to uncover and reveal the messages that will help us move forward in our path at this time. Let’s be creative and let our creative writing, art forms, dancing help us to unravel the message from our subconscious. Let’s not use any logical thought regarding this at this time. Let’s explore random bursts of thoughts and feelings and express them as freely as possible through a creative form that would give us them most information. Sometimes the use of creativity in ways you haven’t experience before might be the most enlightening. After all of the creative expression we can look at what we have created and interpret the messages we get from it, just like we would do with any symbol, image, dance, or any piece of art. The answers are there for us we just have to trust ourselves and bring them into the light.

Many blessings lovelies!





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