The Faceless Company Message

Hello lovelies,

Our message today from the Victoria Frances Oracle Cards, comes from the card #27 called ‘The Faceless Company’.

Victoria Frances 2017-10-(9-15) (5)

The Faceless Company: Insecurity, Acceptance, Confidence

In the card image we see a beautiful vampire female in a Venetian carnival like setting. She is wearing a red mask with three black feathers at the top. She has long blond curls and she is smiling. A male companion wearing a full gold mask is to her left and he appears to be looking at her.  A lantern is lit on the top left corner and we can see cobwebs around the lantern and some areas of the building in the background

Weekend Message: This weekend our message is that it’s important for us to accept ourselves and be who we are. There is no need for us to hide behind a mask of uncertainty and insecurity. Let’s not doubt our own abilities. Our friends, family, and lovers, love us for who we are, and it may be only us who feel that we are not accepted and feel we have to appear to be someone we are not to fit in. Let’s be who we are and have confidence in ourselves, and if this happens to be something that people do not like, then there might not be room for them in our life. And that’s ok. We all have our own tribe. We are gentle, beautiful souls who want to be loved and accepted the way we are. Let’s be who we were born to be. We have nothing to hide. Let’s let our light shine and the right people, friends, and lovers will find us.

Much love! Have a wonderful weekend lovelies!



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