Prisoner of Mourning Message

Hello lovelies,

Our message today from the Victoria Frances Oracle Cards, comes from the card #22 called ‘Prisoner of Mourning’.

Victoria Frances 2017-10-(9-15) (4)
Card 22 – Prisoner of Mourning – Victoria Frances Oracle Cards

Prisoner of MourningDisappointment, Lethargy, Lost Love

In the image we see a young woman in a mausoleum. She is wearing a nightgown, her makeup is running down her cheeks like she is been crying and mourning a loss, and she is holding a red rose in her hand.

Message: Today we may be feeling sad, disappointed, and let down due to engaging with and giving a lot of our energy to another. We may experience confusion, and feel vulnerable trying to understand what went wrong as we gave our love to someone fully and completely. The timing for this union with the other person, lover, or friend, vas just not right and we need to let the negative feelings take us out of the game of life. Even though we cannot see it now, with time, this too shall pass and something better for us will come along. We have learned from this experience and we have grown from this experience of loss being with a lover or a friend, but we need to remind ourselves that we are beautiful souls and we deserve the best. A time will come when it is right to give our heart another chance to love. Let’s not let this experience hold us back in our future. Let’s not be a prisoner to our mourning.

Much love!



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