The Ivory Maiden Message

Hello lovelies,

Our message for today from the Victoria Frances Oracle Cards, comes from the card #10 called The Ivory Maiden.

Victoria Frances 2017-10-(9-15) (3)

The Ivory Maiden: Obstacles, Challenges, Feeling Unsupported

In the image we see a pale young woman with long dark hair. She is wearing a long sleeve dress that is dragging on the ground. The young woman looks a little lost and sad with her mascara running down her cheeks, and is walking through a cemetery. We can see trees in the background, tombstones, a stone cross, and a stone angel. On the trees, the tombstone, and the cemetery floor we see ivy plants.

Message: We might be feeling lost and lack direction today. It may seem that any way we turn we find only obstacles. In times like this we need to remember that this too shall pass like other things we faced before. Let’s look for the glimpse of light in our day. Let’s look for the things we can change and make some affirmative decisions as to what to do next. Let’s ask Source/God/Goddess/The Universe for guidance and assistance at this time and get this energy moving.

Much love!



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