Journey at Dusk Message

Hello lovelies!

This week we continue to enjoy the Victoria Frances Oracle Cards, and our message today comes from the card #35 called Journey at Dusk.

Victoria Frances 2017-10-(9-15) (2)

Journey at Dusk: New Beginnings, Opportunity

In this card’s image we see a beautiful young lady walking through a forest. She has long blond hair and is wearing a beautiful long gown. On her head rests a crown of ivy. She also has ivy on her shoulders and other parts of her dress. A stream is running gently behind her, and the forest floor where she walks is covered with ivy plant.

Message: As we move forward in life and work through our obstacles, we will turn a corner and come to a clearing on our path from which we can see our path forward more clearly. Now is the time to slow down and take the days as they come. There is no need to rush decisions at this time. We can make them as they come. Making the right choices for ourselves is imperative to how things will work out for us and our future. Let’s try not to stress as the worst is behind us. The future is looking bright, but we have to take it easy on ourselves, giving ourselves the time to move forward in our path at our own individual pace.

Many blessings!



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