The Mirror in the Candlelight Message

Hello lovelies!

This week I’ll be using the Victoria Frances Oracle Cards, and today’s message comes from the card #3 called ‘The Mirror in the Candlelight”. Victoria Frances 2017-10-(9-15) (6)

The Mirror in the Candlelight: Let Your Light Shine

Victoria Frances 2017-10-(9-15) (1)

In the image we see a female vampire with long strawberry blond hair. Her makeup is running down her cheeks, her mouth is slightly open so you can see her long fangs, and a trickle of blood is running down her chin and neck. Her nails are painted black, and she is wearing a dress with red spirals. She is leaning against an ornate window, or a mausoleum that is covered in ivy, and we can see candles all around her.

Message: If we are dealing with fears that block us from shining our light, and going after what we want in life, it is time to realize that we are on the brink of change. We can realize that change is scary, but it is also our duty to realize that we can push forward and move through this period. We have the support of others and even ourselves if we allow ourselves to take it and accept the help. We need to realize that we have what it takes to get through this period, drop our masks and reveal our light to ourselves and the world. If we reveal our true selves we can move towards discovering our true potential. Things will change for the better if we are courageous enough to take the steps necessary to release ourselves from the fears we created within our minds.

Many blessings!







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