Nemesis Weekend Message – Dark Goddess Tarot

Hello lovelies,

This weekend’s message comes to us from the card Ace of Air – Nemesis, from the DARK GODDESS TAROT.

Dark Goddess Tarot 10-2to8, 2017 (5)

Ace of Air – Nemesis: Greek Goddess of Judgement

“The first step in discernment: perceive what existed.”

Card Image and Representation: Nemesis, the Greek goddess of indignation, retribution, and judgement is seen here among gray clouds and fertile fields holding a sword in her left hand, while pointing to something with her right hand. She is a goddess who witnesses unjust acts and sees beyond one’s attempt to hide it. She sees past distracting illusions, and she points out who deserves reward or not. She has knowledge of what is right and good and can advise what is appropriate in any situation. She is the punishing power of faith, who meddles in human affairs in order to restore proportion according to the natural and divine law. She senses when the equilibrium is disrupted.

Nemesis’s Weekend Message: Something about our existing situation, or a situation we war finding ourselves in this weekend needs to be seen through. Objectivity is needed for clarity. All the “but’s” we come up with this weekend need to be examined objectively. The use of “but”….. in a sentence is our clue that we need to take a closer look at the situation. We are encouraged to be aware if our ego and meditate on it. We are encouraged to stay humble throughout the situation and keep the promises we’ve made in whatever situation we are finding ourselves in. We need to honour our word.

Much love! Happy Friday, and wishing you a wonderful weekend.




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