Message from Ishtar – Dark Goddess Tarot

Hello lovelies,

I am starting the general readings for us again this month and we will be working with the DARK GODDESS TAROT this week. This is a very special deck and it is available right now as an app which comes complete with the book, and as the actual deck. Although I haven’t worked with the deck a lot, I thought that it’s the perfect deck to start of the readings for this month of October.

Dark Goddess Tarot 10-2to8, 2017

Today’s message comes to us from the card VII Chariot, here represented by the Goddess Ishtar.

Dark Goddess Tarot 10-2to8, 2017 (1)

VII Chariot – Ishtar: Ishtar is a Babylonian Goddess of Love and War.

“Fortune favours the bold.”

Card Image and Representation: Ishtar is standing on the back of her sacred lion with her bow, quiver, and a sword. She is wearing a warrior’s kilt beneath her dress, seen in blue on her forward leg. On the top right we see the symbol of the eight pointed star (two four pointed stars crossing over one another) representing the goddess. It’s a symbol of the union between matter and spirit, and the balance between male and female.

As the Morning Star, Ishtar is the goddess of war and hunting. As the Evening Star, Ishtar is the goddess of love. She has a dual role and is such worshiped as both female and male deity. She is the Lady of Lands, Light of the World, and Opener of the Womb. She stands for all that is worth fighting for. Ishtar is the goddess of contradictory aspects. With Ishtar one experiences the dynamic power that is generated through the ability to harness opposing forces.

Ishtar’s Message: This is not a time to be cautious or timid. Strength and focus is needed for our actions to find the success we intend. We are encouraged to set a goal, and give our life a little more direction. No matter how small or big the goal we chose for ourselves it’s important to take some action on it today. We can write down our goal/s in the language of a positive statement such as for example, ‘drink tea’ versus, ‘do not drink coffee’. This will help us use our will and intention for movement versus restraint. We are encouraged to be strategic in the use of our energies, and focus on the things that are trying to get, and deserve, our attention. Ishtar also encourages us to use juniper, one of her sacred trees, as an aromatic to give the goddess pleasure, and to wear bracelets made of copper to conduct and balance the flow of our natural electromagnetism.

Much love to you! Have a wonderful day!




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