Hiatus From Gereral Card Readings – For Now

Hello lovelies! ❤️

It seems that I have to take another Hiatus from doing the general card readings that I’ve been doing over here for the last few months.

I know it’s not a business page, or blog, but I still feel responsible for what and how I post things here. And the main thing is that I want to post things here authentically, otherwise it’s not ethically right for me and I don’t want to do it from a place of inauthenticity.

Without going through too many details, I want to say that I’ve been having some shifts, thoughts, and  certain doubts have creeped in regarding my spirituality. This is why I am choosing to not do card readings here for a little while until I figure things out for myself.

I am not giving up on Tarot or Oracle or any type of cartomancy, I will still use cards in my life to help me navigate these newly arrived feelings. I will still post personal card draws and other photos on my personal tarot and oracle Instagram account @veronicaanab, but for now, until I can do these readings for all of us here, authentically, I will stop.

Hopefully it won’t be long but I owe it to myself to explore what is happening in my mind spiritually, and find my path again.

I am sorry if this decision disappoints some of you, but I rather do these readings from an empowered and authentic state, where I can freely give myself to the interpretations of the cards.

Much love to you all. 💞 I will continue to log into WordPress to follow and support your journey until I come back to do general public readings. I might post other things from time to time until then, but at this point I don’t know for sure.

Blessings to everyone! ❣️💠❣️


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