Pheasant – Bird Card Weekend Message

Hello lovelies!

Our card for the Weekend from the Bird Cards: The Haling Power of the Bird Kingdom is 35 Pheasant.

2017-08-21 Bird Cards (5) PICM

Pheasant Card Image: The Pheasant in this image is resting on a pillar marking the start of a path, like an initiatory item. The pillar features flames at the base of it, and a intricate band at the top. The path is visible far in the distance and it starts with candles, three on each side. Further up the path we can see castle shaped gate, and other indistinguishable items further up still.

Pheasant Card Message: Pheasant comes to us for the weekend to bring to our awareness that our ascension process is well under way. To let us know that we are connecting with our power and authority.  We need to realize that we have been harnessing the nature of our shadow natures and as such it is no longer undermining our progression to our connection with our source of power.

Affirmation: I acknowledge the ovelighting consciousness of the Pheasant in helping me to see my attributes and glory in them.”

Pheasant August 24, 2017

Have a great weekend lovelies!



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