Pigeon – Bird Card Message

Hello lovelies!

Our message from the Bird Cards: The Haling Power of the Bird Kingdom comes from the card 1 PIGEON. I love pigeons!

2017-08-21 Bird Cards (4) PICM

Pigeon Card Image: In this image we have a beautiful Pigeon holding a lit incense stick in his beak. He stands in a dish filled with cleansing incense cones. Beautiful!

Pigeon Card Message: The Pigeon brings a message of forgiveness. Pigeon energy will provide us with loving assistance in approaching a situation or a person that we need to forgive, as well as forgiving ourselves. Let’s invite pigeon into our meditations and allow positive shifts to take place within and without ourselves. Let’s uplift an unhappy situation and allow the cleansing energy of the Pigeon to assist us today.

Affirmation: “I call upon the ovelighting consciousness of the Pigeon to transmute all negative energy from this situation.”

Pigeon Thursday August 24, 2017

Much love and many blessings sweeties!



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