Flamingo – Bird Card Message

Hello lovelies,

Our message from the Bird Cards: The Haling Power of the Bird Kingdom today, comes from the card 21 FLAMINGO.

2017-08-21 Bird Cards (3) PICM

Flamingo Card Image: The Flamingo in this image has taken the cover of a glass jar. The jar being opened released a rainbow curving into the sky. The lily pads float peacefully on the blue water, while the flamingo gases at the glass jar still holding its cover in his beak.  Other flamingos can be seen in the distance in another body of water. Two mountainous hills can be seen in the distance along with a starry sky on top of the rainbow on the left.

Flamingo Card Message: The Flamingo comes to us to encourage us to engage our energy purposefully, to engage with a cause we care about even if we thing that our involvement won’t make any difference. Because it will! Our energy will make a difference in the world. Where can we add our energy to a situation to empower it? We may not be noticed or acknowledged for it, but what is important is that the situation we are choosing to involve ourselves with will move advance forward, and that will be our appreciation and acknowledgement. We are a little, but important part of the big whole.

Affirmation: “I ask the overlighting consciousness of the flamingo to help me offer my services to the greater good of the whole.”

Much love sweeties!

Pink Flamingo August 23, 2017
Pink Flamingo

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