Raven – Bird Card Message

Hello lovelies!

The message from the Bird Cards: The Haling Power of the Bird Kingdom today, comes from the card 46 RAVEN. What a beautiful card!

2017-08-21 Bird Cards (2) PICM

Raven Card Image: The beautiful black raven in this image is sitting on the edge of what it looks like a red desert stone. The night starry sky is in full glory with a shooting star and the sliver of the moon showing above. The Raven picks up and peals the veil of the night sky showing us the light of day.

Raven Card Message: Raven is showing up for us today to tell us that Source/God/Universe is transmitting a powerful message to us. “Beloved I greet you as my child. I want you to see Me now. I draw the veils aside so that you might break of the illusion of separation, and see My face. I am Love. I am coming.”

Much love to you all!


Wendy Davis Photography (Aug 22, 2017) Raven Card Blogpost
Raven, by Wendy Davis Photography

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