Partridge – Bird Card Message

Hello everyone!

It’s has been a week since I have posted any card messages here, but I am back starting today and we will continue to work with the Bird Cards: The Haling Power of the Bird Kingdom for our messages this week.

In case you are wondering why I took a week off, I did because I hurt my hand while I fell on top of stairs, carrying my 24lb cat 🙂 in my arms. My arm had to be in a sling and it was pretty swollen for a few days and I could not move it or close and open my hand. I am on the mend now. I am 95% better and I can shuffle a deck of cards now,  😉 and type, as I am typing right now. So, I’m back. To be honest if feels longer than 7 days since I’ve been on here, but I am happy to be back and to have the routine of pulling our cards and getting our messages.

OK. Without further ado. Our message today comes from the card 44 Partridge. You can see the card image below and at the end of the post there will be an image of an actual partridge bird for you. 🙂

2017-08-21 Bird Cards (1) PICM

Partridge Card Image: This cute little Partridge bird in the image is on top of a trail with a circle of stones surrounding it. We can see the path far ahead in between big, solid, tall, trees. At the end of the path in the distance we can a lit candle flickering with the stars in the night sky. A rainbow of multiple colours formed above the lit candle in the night sky.

Partridge Card Message: Partridge bring to our awareness that we are loved, fully embraced, and fully accepted by the divine. We are asked to acknowledge and bask in the warm loving embrace of Source energy which is all around us. To let it flood into our bodies and soul as it is automatically there. We are the ones that sometimes block this warm loving embrace of Source by having guilt and self-judgement. The Partridge came to us to invite us to allow the love and acceptance to flow into us and heal our aching hearts and souls. We are the only ones who can make that choice for ourselves. To do that, is to forgive ourselves. Then we can draw and truly feel the love of the Universe, unblocked and unhindered.

Much love and many blessings!

Don’t forget to take a look at the Partridge below. ❤

Partrige Bird
Partridge Bird

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