Roller Message – Bird Cards

Hello lovelies!

This week we are working with the bird realm oracle called Bird Cards: The Haling Power of the Bird Kingdom, by Jane Toerien &Joyce van Dobben.

2017-08-13 Bird Cards (0) PICM

Our message today comes from the card 41 – Roller.

2017-08-13 Bird Cards (1) PICM

Roller Card Message: The Roller showing up for us today is a sign that we are reconnecting with God/Source/Spirit at this time. If we lost connection the appearance of the Roller is a sign to let us now that we still have this connection and Source and us will get reacquainted. The gift of the Roller is that we are reminded that God/Source and us are one. God/Source is in every breath we take, and every cell in our bodies. might be a time when a spiritual shift can happen for us.

Roller Card Affirmation: “I invite the over-lighting consciousness of the Roller to remind me of who I really am.”

Lilac Breasted Roller Bird

Much love and many blessings lovelies!


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