The Emperor – Weekend Message 11-13/08/2017 – Victorian Fairy Tarot

Hello lovelies!

Our card for this weekend August 11-13, 2017, is IV The Emperor from the Victorian Fairy Tarot. This is the last card from this deck for now, and next week we’ll be working with an oracle deck. It’s been really nice working with the Victorian Fairy. It’s such a lovely deck. The art, the colours, and the booklet, all make me feel light and good. I love it. I will definitely work with it again sometimes.

IV The Emperor Card Keywords: Leadership, Masculine power, Building for future generations, Noblesse Oblige (The inferred responsibility of privileged people to act with generosity and nobility toward those less privileged.)

2017-08-06 Victorian Fairy Tarot (5)

IV The Emperor Card Image: This gorgeous Emperor shown here as a fairy with butterfly wings, is standing and posing with one of his scrolls in hand. He looks very regal, but very approachable. With him are his two children. The boy is holding the Emperor’s scepter and is looking very engaged, and the girl is leaning on a large globe looking as if she’s daydreaming.

I really like this Emperor! Usually is very hard for me to connect with the Emperor card, but this card exudes care, kindness, patience and a respect for the process of allowing others to learn at their own speed and in their own way. A strong leader that is not afraid to also be a gentle and compassionate.

IV The Emperor Card Message: Today and this weekend, others may look to us for guidance, leadership and inspiration lovelies, and we may find ourselves in a position of power over others. When others look up to us and need some sort of support or guidance, we need to choose our words wisely. Our friends and family members, coworkers, and other colleagues, might want to discuss certain events and areas of their life with us. We have a responsibility to treat others with the respect they deserve, and support them in a way that it is beneficial to them. So let’s choose our words and actions to ourselves, and others wisely this weekend. Let’s support others and ourselves in the best way possible. It’s an honor when others come to us with questions, for guidance, or support. Let’s use this time to be loving and gentle like a powerful loving father would be. Let’s honour ourselves and be loving and gentle with ourselves too this weekend lovelies.

Much love! Have an amazing weekend everyone!




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