Ace of Winter (Ace of Swords) Message – Victorian Fairy Tarot

Hello lovelies!

Today’s message comes to us from the beautiful Ace of Winter (Ace of Swords), from the Victorian Fairy Tarot. I love working with this deck and it’s energy!

Ace of Winter Keywords: A situation becoming clearer, Truth-telling, Intelligent thought.

2017-08-06 Victorian Fairy Tarot (4) PICM

Ace of Winter Card Image: In this image we see a large icicle hanging down from a branch covered with snow. Other smaller icicles are hanging down from the main branch and other areas of the tree. Little frozen blue berries are shown at the top, and we can also see a little top hat belonging to one of the faeries.

Ace of Winter Message: Today we are asked to keep cool heads. Whatever might be going on in our life. Clear level thinking is what will help us deal with potentially difficult situations. As well, this can be a period of great insight, mental clarity and clear communication for us. New idea can spurt forth and we may find solutions to situations that were eluding us before. So let’s allow the energy of the Ace of Winter to inspire us to see things in a new improved way and accomplish some goals that needed dusting up.

Much love sweeties!


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