Four of Autumn Message – Victorian Fairy Tarot

Hello lovelies,

Today’s message comes to us from the card Four of Autumn (Four of Pentacles), as we continue to work with the Victorian Fairy Tarot.

Four of Autumn Keywords: Keep your resources close for now, Poverty consciousness, Selfishness, Fear of loss, Money worries.

2017-08-06 Victorian Fairy Tarot (3) PICM

Four of Autumn Card Image: In this image we see an older fairy having a conversation, or an argument rather, with a Squirrel. They are squabbling over the chestnuts, even though the forest floor is covered with them. Both could have more than enough, but they are still focusing on greed versus making use of what they actually need.

Four of Autumn Card Message: Today we might be in a scarcity state of mind lovelies. This happens from time to time, or it can happen a lot in our life, depending of our own ingrained relationship with money and other resources. If this is the case today or any other time, it would be beneficial for us to work on seeing and experiencing our world and the universe, as an abundant giver of like and resources. Sometimes the lack of resources, or scarcity of materials is very real, and it is advised to keep what we have close to us until a period of abundant relief manifests, but we need to make sure we know what state of mind and experience we are in, because we create our own reality. Are we really lacking? Or are we seeing it as such and it’s only an illusion? And, what are the areas we are not lacking? What blessings and resources we can count right now that we already have? Are we seeing the whole picture? And what can we do to shake up the lack mentality, and embrace an abundance mentality in our lives?

Much love!




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