II The Seeress Message: Again :) – Victorian Fairy Tarot

Hello lovelies!

So today we have received the same card as yesterday as our message. I riffle shuffled, and overhand shuffled the deck. Yet the Victorian Fairy Tarot, felt like the message of the Seeress needed to be reinforced or maybe viewed from a different perspective today. What do you lovelies do when you get the same card twice in a row? Today’s card, The Seeress, is the equivalent to the High Priestess card in the traditional Rider Waite Tarot System.

Alright! Here we go :).

II The Seeress Keywords: Spirituality, Mysticism, Seeing the Unseen, Lifting the veil.

2017-08-06 Victorian Fairy Tarot (2) PICM

II The Seeress Card Image: The Seeress is focused joyously on the visions and messages she is getting with the aid of her crystal ball. The crystal ball is resting on a beautiful red mushroom, and it has come alive with a swirl of golden energy. The Seeres is focused internally to receive inner wisdom and understanding so she can be of help to herself and others in her community. She is surrounded by Honey Suckle, “a plant that is beneficial to psychic powers and clairvoyance”.

Intuitive Message from the Seeress: I invite you to fully trust yourselves and the messages you receive from your own intuitive ability, the nature surrounding you, as well as any spiritual communication you might be receiving. Sit down at your altar, take a deep breath. If you cannot calm your mind place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth and the mind should slow down. Do this two or three times if needed and keep taking a deep breath each time. Now focus on your breathing for a little bot and close your eyes? Sit with the darkness, sit with the silence. What do you see? What do you hear? What do you feel? What do you know? Is the darkness taking form? Are there colours swirling in the darkness in front of your eyes? What colours are there? What shapes are there? What can you skry from the swirling of colours? Take a moment to take the messages in, then gently bring yourself to center and to the present moment. Write down all the messages you received in all forms; what you heard, saw, felt, and now just know. Make sense of them, and if appropriate share with others.

Much love honey bees!




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