II The Seeress (The High Priestess) Message – Victorian Fairy Tarot

Hello lovelies,

Today’s message comes from the card II The Seeres (The High Priestess equivalent) from the Victorian Fairy Tarot.

II The Seeress Keywords: Spirituality, Mysticism, Seeing the Unseen, Lifting the veil.

2017-08-06 Victorian Fairy Tarot (1) PICM

II The Seeress Card Image: In The Seeress card we see a mature fairy sitting in front of her altar formed of mushrooms. On her nature’s altar she has a cloth that holds her crystal ball. The crystal ball’s support ring at the bottom, has golden hands on it to hold it in place. The Seeress is surrounded by nature and connected with nature as she performs her ritual. She is totally focused on her visions from the glowing crystal ball.

The Seeress Card Message: Today we are encouraged to open ourselves to inviting, invoking, and receiving visions. We are to connect and attune ourselves to the nature surrounding us. If we welcome our visions unafraid we will be blessed with deep inner sight today. The wisdom of the messages we get can be passed along to others that are open to the communication. This is not a time to second guess ourselves and our inner guidance. Let’s use this sacred time to grow in wisdom and understanding of ourselves and others.

Much love!



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