Transparency Weekend Message – Oracle of the Mermaids

Hello lovelies!

Our work with the beautiful Oracle of the Mermaids, authored by Lucy Cavendish, and with stunning artwork by Selena Fenech is coming to an end for now. Today is the last card message from this deck for a little while. What a great week it has been with using this deck. Our card for today and the weekend is, TRANSPARENCY.

Transparency: Honest, authentic, genuine, present.

2017-07-31 Oracle of the Mermaids (5) PICM

Transparency Card Image: In this image we see a beautiful purple haired mermaid. She has a starfish, shells and pearls hair ornament in her hair and is submerged in water. Her hair is floating around her and part of her tail is showing just in front of her chest.

Transparency Card Message: We are encouraged to tell the truth and be honest today and this weekend. To tell the truth and be honest about what we want, and what we need. To be honest about what we know and don’t know. To tell the truth about how we feel, to let ourselves be seen. To let the truth rise within us, for us to join with this truth and life from this truth. This is something that can be very hard for us to do, but we must try, as our true nature and our true selves have been crying to be heard, seen and shown to your loved ones and the world.

Much love honey pots! Have a wonderful weekend!


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