Lovelies! Something happened a few minutes ago. 

I was out in the backyard to get my cat Ashley to come in. She would not come out of the bushes and I had to get closer. When I did that I heard this flapping of wings. I ignored it at first just thinking it’s a bird walking on the fence of something. But then the flap of wings got louder and more frantic, desperate. I looked at the area and this beautiful sparrow was caught in the grape vine in the neighbor’s yard. Right by the fence in between us. She was flapping so hard but her foot was stuck.

So I took a chair from the yard and putt it by the fence. It was pretty high, and I had to stand on the chair’s arms to reach the top of the fence. I put my hand in while the sparrow was still flapping. I went behind her beak towards her back just in case. I wrapped my hand around her. She immediately stopped struggling and felt limp a little. I was worried for a second. 

Gently I unhooked her foot from the grape vine, and held her on her back to bring her to my other hand. I turned my other hand palm up and laid her on her feet on top of my hand. She flew away. I was shaking after and so happy. I can’t believe I touched a sparrow. 

I wish you a magical weekend lovelies! 



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