Divine Sensuality Message – Oracle of the Mermaids

Hello lovelies!

As we continue to work with our beautiful Oracle of the Mermaids, authored by Lucy Cavendish, and with stunning artwork by Selena Fenech today, we have received the card named DIVINE SENSUALITY. And what a stunning card it is!

Divine Sensuality: Making love, erotica.

2017-07-31 Oracle of the Mermaids (4) PICM

Divine Sensuality Card Image: In this image we see a beautiful mermaid with red rosy scales and tail. Her hair is a beautiful soft pink, the sky is cloudy and also pink. The mermaid is surrounded by red-pink roses and rose petals are falling onto her. You really feel divine sensuality from this card.

Divine Sensuality Card Message: We are encouraged and invited to be sensual and seek pleasure in a physical way. Be it in a close intimate connection, through a dance, or a touch of hands. We all have a seductive side to us, and we are encouraged to explore our divine and sacred sensuality. This is an energetic connection, an exchange of energy we make with our cared-for other, or our-self, without guilt. This divine sensuality does not need be only of the making love variety, it can be to achieve greater intimacy in our relationships, or experiencing blissful moments during a hug, a massage or any type of connection and touching. It does not need to always be sexual. But if it is, we need to ensure we are freely choosing as is out birthright to freely choose who we give ourselves to, and why. This needs to be a choice of our own, one that brings us health, joy and respect.

Many blessing, and much love to you!


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