The Unseen Message – Oracle of the Mermaids

Hello lovelies!

Today we are continuing to work the beautiful Oracle of the Mermaids, which is authored by Lucy Cavendish, and has stunning artwork by Selena Fenech. Our card message today comes from the card THE UNSEEN.

The Unseen: Too much is hidden from you.

So Monday we had to be mindful and aware of the sacrifices we were thinking of making. Tuesday we were creating rituals and routines to allow the inner and outer beauty to shine, and today we are warned of things that might be hidden from us. Interesting!

2017-07-31 Oracle of the Mermaids (3) PICM

The Unseen Card Image: In this image we see a blond haired mermaid sitting in a cave. Most of her is obscured in the cave’s darkness. She is looking right at us as half pf her face is hidden by her hair. Her hand are placed on the sand in front of her. In the sand in front of the cave we can see a skull on the right and a stone on the left, or another portion of the skeleton buried in the sand at the bottom of the sea.

The Unseen Card Message: We are encouraged to look beneath what it is shown to us. We are encouraged to verify what we are told for ourselves, and to trust information that comes from our own experience. We are encouraged to find out more for ourselves before we move to acting towards something, as well as asking others who may have experiences similar situations or encounters. If we are to enter a contract with someone, we need to look at the hidden clauses. Trusting because things feel right, might not be the best approach here. We are to look beyond what we can first see and what we first hear. Let’s do our research and all will work out better for us in the end.

Much love honey pots!



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