Sacrifice Message – Oracle of the Mermaids

Hello lovelies,

We are working this week with the beautiful Oracle of the Mermaids, by Lucy Cavendish, with stunning artwork by Selena Fenech. Our card message comes from the card Sacrifice.

SACRIFICE: There are those worth making, there are those that will destroy you.

Sacrifice Card Keywords: Sacrifice, Choice, Choosing consciously, Giving something up in order to gain something else, Putting ourselves in situations that might not always be good for us, Putting ourselves in certain uncomfortable situations for the eventual lasting benefit of ourselves, others, or the world.

2017-07-31 Oracle of the Mermaids (1) PICM

Sacrifice Card Image: In this image we see a raven haired mermaid. She has dark purple scales on her tail and arms. She is wearing a purple top and a fishnet on one arm decorated with pearls and shells.  On her hair she has various shells, pearls, choral and starfish. She has purple eyes and is looking at us intensely, a little sad, and daringly. Like she is imploring us to understand and take heed of her warning and message regarding making sacrifices.

Sacrifices Card Message: This card comes to us to alert us to some of the choices we are thinking of making. If we have been contemplating doing something that could be a hardship, or giving up something valuable and precious to us, we are encouraged to be aware of the choices we are about to make. We are encouraged to choose wisely if we are about to make a personal sacrifice, and to be sure that a sacrifice is the way to go forward on our path. We need to figure out why we are about to go on the path that we think we must take. We need to clarify our choices for ourselves. Are we doing this for us? Are we doing it for another? Are we doing it for our benefit or the benefit of another, or are we doing it to prove something, or impress someone? We need to ask ourselves, what do we truly need and want out of our choice? And then we can make the choice freely, empowered by our clarity and understanding of our willingness to sacrifice a piece of ourselves, our time, and our resources. Let’s make sure we are truly choosing, and giving ourselves a choice.

Much love sweeties!


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