Four of Rods/Wands – Weekend Message Ending July 30, 2017 – Unicorn Tarot

Hello lovelies! How are you all doing? Are you glad it’s the weekend? Of course some of us work weekends, so you might not be so excited today, but hopefully you can feel the vibe of the weekend whenever you have your days off.

As I pulled the last card from The Unicorn Tarot, I realized what a perfect card it was to signify the end of our week. For this weekend the card is the Four Rods, otherwise known as Wands.

Four of Rods Keywords: Joyous times, Home/family stability, Foundations, A period of happiness, Cause for celebration, A commemorative event, A time of peace and joy after a difficult period or challenge, Good fortune, Stability, Satisfaction, Fulfillment, Contentment, Prosperity, Moving to a new house, Blessings, Harmony, A sound business partnership, and Possible romance, or marriage.

Unicorn Tarot 07-24-2017 (5)PICM

Four of Rods Card Image: In this image we see a man and a woman looking at each other lovingly. The four unicorn horn shaped pillars are holding red and white roses like and archway above the pair. Their stance and body language suggests they are celebrating their union. A young unicorn is resting at their feet. In the orange background we can see the silhouette of a castle.

Four of Rods Weekend Message: The Four of Rods encourages us to find time to celebrate life, achievements, successes, and relationships with our loved ones. This can be a celebration of recognition and acknowledgement of what has been achieved in our lives so far, especially with the moral, emotional, spiritual, and physical support of others in our life. Did we get a new job because of our connections to others? Did we accomplish a task or project with the help and support of another? Did we transition from one are of our life to another with the support of a friend or family member? Or did we use the help of someone when a habit or an addiction was not allowing us to have the best life? Did we start an exercise program, or had any help improving our life, personal and professional? Then this weekend, all of these and more are reason to celebrate and recognize our efforts and the efforts of others in our life. To recognize that yes we are do it a lot of things alone, but we are also doing it by connecting with others and working together successful. Let’s cerebrate life, its failures and following successes, and the people in our lives as much as we can this weekend lovelies. If not in person then maybe in a Skype or Facebook video call, or a recorded message, a post card sent, or even an email. Let’s celebrate the unions we constantly form with the people in our lives.

Much love sweet pies! Have a great weekend!



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