Five of Rods/Wands Message – Unicorn Tarot

Hello lovelies,

Our card for today from The Unicorn Tarot is the Five of Rods (Wands).

Five of Rods Keywords: Competition, Exciting challenge, Need to prove oneself, Self-doubt, Physical activities, Battle of wills, Miss-understandings, Disagreements, and Disharmony.

Unicorn Tarot 07-24-2017 (4)PICM

Five of Rods Card Image: In this Five of Rods we see two young males circling each other as in a battle formation. This is a competitive battle where each of the opponents are prepared to show their skills and win. They each have a unicorn shaped rod in their hands to be uses as weapons. Three rods are on the ground, perhaps suggesting that three opponents were defeated and now the two left are going to find out which one of them will be the victor. The unicorn in the background is excited with the anticipation of the outcome. The background shows a clearing. Threes and fungi surround the players.

Five of Rods Card Message: We may need to be a little competitive at this time lovelies. Competition is often healthy and it encourages to think on our feet and improve our skills, as well as coming to term of how far we have developed our skills already. This can be exciting for some of us, and for others (like me) it could be an anxious endeavor. Nevertheless, we need to make the best of what’s offered to us today. Be it proving ourselves to our boss or colleagues, or proving ourselves to our friends and family. Whatever the day holds, remember that this is a friendly competition and an opportunity to improve in whatever we are faced with.

Much love sweet cakes!


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